Measuring your golf shots and getting immediate feedback!


Step by Step Progression

First you'll learn what it takes to make great contact on the golf ball. There are five dynamics happening here that begins with the shaft leaning slightly to the left at impact and your left wrist being flat. 

You'll be able to grasp these initial keys very quickly and then you'll hopefully go practice them so each time you come in for instruction you are ready to layer on another level of skills.

Here's a video series from Kris Moe on the Ten Steps to a Better Game.

Golf Lessons San Francisco


Measuring your Game

"I’ve been coaching golf for over twenty years and I can say confidently that the average golfer and even most advanced golfers don’t have the faintest idea of what is really happening at impact." says Kris. 

Indoor instruction can be an advantage since your focus will be more on the feeling of the swing and impact will make it very clear to you what is happening with you at impact. Even more using doppler radar that captures 26 data points of your impact we'll be able to really dial in your impact dynamics. Immediate feedback is invaluable in learning anything and doppler radar for golf is amazing.

You’ll perform a 40 ball combine (X amount of shots with a variety of clubs) and then I will share with you my coaching opinion were you can improve the most. Also why and the hows.

Radar tracking of your golf club and golf ball’s launch has completely transformed the way we teach and learn the game and it’s an exciting time to be a golfer.

With the constant advancement of technology in golf it’s never been a better time to be a golfer. Improving your ball striking and optimizing your equipment has never been easier (yes easier).

This technology delivers key measurements at the moment of impact like launch angle, face direction and club path (over 20 data points) and how the ball is reacting to the force, backspin, sidespin, launch angle, the ball flight’s trajectory etc.