Increase your Swing Speed and Bomb It

Increase your Swing Speed and Bomb It

I know you'd like to hit further. The good news it's really not a secret. Hitting the driver straight and long is not a mystery and I'm happy to share everything you need to know to hit the best drives of your lifetime guaranteed. If you can apply these, great, go get it. If you'd like a coaching nudge...... join my Friday clinics, even better car pool with a buddy and we'll focus on "bombing" your driver and the long clubs.

Here are the Five Keys to Bombing It:

1. Club Path-The first thing to work on is improving your club's path.  Almost everybody that struggles with 

driver has a club path that is going too much to the left through impact. This is caused poor sequencing of the body pivot and/or the loss of lag angle.

With my doppler radar system we get a number on your path.

2. Hit Ball on Upswing-  To really bomb the driver you can want to hit up on the golf ball somewhere between three and six degrees. This is why we tee the ball high. The bottom of the swing with the driver is probably 6 to 12 inches right of the golf ball. Cool video showing this.

With the doppler we'll see exactly how much you're hitting up on the ball. I call this the angle of approach.

3. Squaring the Face-  The closer we get to squaring the face to the club's path the more power you'll have but you'll also hit it straighter. Train yourself to control the club's toe rotation to match up with the path. I find most player's leave the face open or right. Here's an easy tip I showed a friend at Bandon Dunes.

The Doppler system will show the exact relationship between the face's direction and the club's path at impact. This is great information because it will also help you assess your ball's flight so you can make the correct adjustments on any shot.

4. Middle of Face Contact-  The ultimate is to hit the ball in the sweet spot of the golf club. The challenging part is the sweet spot is about the size of a dime.  When you miss the sweet spot by as little as a quarter inch this creates what is called "gear effect"

 The Doppler does not pick up on gear effect but Dr. Scholl's's foot

Screenshot 2017-03-02 15.37.57.png

 powder does. Buy yourself a $5 dollar can of Dr. Scholl's foot spray and spray it on the face and you'll find out very quickly and accurately where your contact is.

5. Swing Speed-  Spoiler alert, even if you do the prior four steps perfectly and you're swinging at 52 mph you're not going to Bomb It. 

At some point if you really want to Bomb It, you have practice going 100% at it at least once in awhile. See how far you can hit it. At the same time, don't hurt yourself. The drill below is training step. I'd suggest doing it twice a week for five minutes.

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