Three Ways to Make Golf Practice More Productive

If you really want to reach your goals you'll have to practice. There are no little pills that I know of that will help you get around this reality in anything you want to improve at.

It's easy for practice at golf may take a back seat to studies, work, family or what-have-you. Here's a few ways that I hope will make it easier to get out and practice at golf and ideally you work these out with a good golf coach.

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals






Create Standards or a Baseline that is Measurable

Come up with something measurable like how many four foot putts can you make in a row and practice until you can do it. The ultimate is to do a combine on a Trackman or Flightscope to establish your benchmarks for various distances.

What is your Prize?

Remember why you are practicing- Whether it is to beat your buddy in the big golf getaway or win the club championship keeping your eye on the prize is usually a pretty darn good incentive to find a way out to the range or course to play a few. Write it down somewhere and post your goal somewhere easy to see a few times a day. Bottom line, we all need motivation to get us out to practice.

Little Chucks of Time are Fine Too

Think smaller amounts of time. Low dosages more often is better than long sessions infrequently. At the very least keep a club handy to make swings hit into a net or just grab to work on your grip and take your stance. 

If you got 20 minutes that's about a small bucket or 30 balls. Even this amount of time can keep you on track to reach your goals for this season.

In Alameda we use the Flightscope and I would have you ten balls with say your pitching wedge and we would get an average of your distance and your average distance from a target we picked. Ideally we would do the combine for all of your clubs and that would take about an hour and a half (130 balls).

If you'd like to get an introduction lesson and start your coaching program to improve your golf. Call me, Kris Moe at 707-529-6458 also think about doing a two-day golf school at my golf school in Napa's Chardonnay Golf Club, more info here.