Get Ready for your Next Big Golf Trip

Loving Bandon Dunes

Loving Bandon Dunes


I’m be playing at Bandon Dunes in early September and I’m pumped up. My only concern is I haven’t been playing as much as I normally do so I’m going to have to coach myself to ramp up my golf conditioning and tuning and I thought you may be interested in learning what I do and apply that to your own pre-trip conditioning for your next “big golf trip”. Oh and here’s to watch out for during your buddy’s trip.

Even though I teach for a living I don’t play a lot of golf myself these days. I’d love to but I’m also a certified business broker and it takes up a lot of my time when I’m not doing golf schools or private lessons.

I’m fairly fit so I have a head start probably on a few of you but that’s OK I think you’ll still benefit from some of the fitness I practice. I’m not a member of any gym right now but I’ve found plenty of exercises that I’ll share that will keep you you can use at the gym or not. These days a lot of my own inspiration comes from Gymnastic Strength Training, check it out.


Careful if you jump right in and do to much you can to get hurt and knock yourself out for awhile. Take your time., give your body a chance to get stronger and more flexible incrementally. Here are some simple steps for beginning this process. And if you want to fast forward and “get hardcore” here’s a video from Long Drive Champ Ryan Winther and his workout.

Figure five miles for 18 holes

Figure five miles for 18 holes



Since we’ll be walking our five rounds at Bandon Dunes I’ve doing 60-90 minute walks on trails up in the China Camp State Park where I live in San Rafael.

If you’re not already walking a few days a week then get it going! Walking rocks. We are creatures that are meant to be active and not sitting on our behinds. Here’s a couple tricks to make it easier to get out and walk or do anything:

1. Get a walking buddy so you have someone to chat with and hold you responsible to show up.

2. Listen to a book, podcast or music you like

3. Treat yourself to a reward on the backend (eg some food you enjoy)

4. Here’s a few more idea

Get in touch with your joints

Get in touch with your joints



Like you I’m in a sitting position too often and our body’s hate that. One of the keys to keeping your body happy is to move your body in all kinds of directions. Joints in the hips and shoulders can articulate with a wide range but unless you’re going through the full range of motion you’ll be getting more and more limited and that’s unacceptable. 

Your mobility joints from the ground up are your ankles, hips, thorasic spine (upper spine) as the image shows. If you tight in one of your mobility joints the stability areas like the lumbar spine will have to compensate and that’s how we get in trouble.


t Kris Moe Golf School and even now with my private lessons I find a short warm up is crucial. So I warm up golfers from the ground up. We’ll roll out the ankles then do leg swings and squats for the hips and some rotational moves to wake up the thorasic spine. It’s a great way to get you in-tune with your body and ready for swinging a golf club. That five-ten minutes is well worth yout time!


Check out this site for some more ways to address your flexibilty, mobility and stablity

And the Titleist Performance Institute site is an amazing resource for exercises, training and education for all aspects of your golf game.


If you’ve got the time to get out and hit a few buckets of balls, great. If so, break your session into chunks that have a purpose like 10 minutes of ball position, alignment and focusing in on your grip. And then the next ten minutes the movement and balance of your body and then finally aiming at various targets and distances. 

If you don’t have time to get out for a few sessions on the range at least grab a golf club and swing in your backyard.

Other backyard exercises for timing and speed:

Horizontal swings– I like to swing the golf club at belt high (on a horizontal plane) to encourage the rotary action of the swing which I also find helps golfers feel the lag angle in the golf swing. In the video below I’m in a gym demonstrating the exercise.

True rotary action

True rotary action


Get on your knees– Want to feel your core at work? This will do it. Get on your knees and swing the club. You’ll quickly get a sense how much of your swing is anchored in your core!

Happy Gilmour swings– Start with your feet together then from the top of the swing step left (for right handed). This promotes the shift and then the rotation that is the timing of the body’s pivot.




All these exercises will help get you ready for that next big trip or just keep in you shape for life. So keep moving, keep pushing yourself and enjoy yourself more… is not a rehersal!

Kris Moe
Golf Coach                 

Wishing you the best! You can always contact me to set up a coaching session and it’s my pleasure to help you enjoy the game more with a improvement program that suits you and your schedule.