Superman had Clark Kent and most likely as a kid you were a soldier, gun slinger or someone bigger than life too. These were alter egos that helped you play but something else was going on that probably made you feel powerful, fearless or special and I wanted to share how this may help you in golf.

In golf when we face that tight tee shot or the 8 foot knee knocker to tie your buddy there are two different sort of characters in your mind, one, the weak and self doubting character, picture the neurotic Woody Allen or two, someone on the opposite side of the confidence spectrum like Clint Eastwood. Which character would you draw strength from?

Like kids we have the mind control to draw from the strengths of characters like Clint or some Marvel comic book character (women of course take your pick from all the strong ladies out there) to help you face any challenge like the way we’d imagine your that alter ego would. Taking a practical lesson from Beyonce and Clark Kent. 


Here’s another wrinkle. Sometimes in life are deep-seated values of fairness, trust or what-have you can unfortunately creating a block to you winning a competition or a deal. You might be just too nice. Here’s an example, you’re destroying your opponent in a golf match. You have a huge lead and the “nice and fair” person inside of you lets your opponent get back into the match and the next thing you know you’re going up to the last hole tied and now you run the risk of losing.

You may apply this to other aspects of your life. Sometimes for instance we may cut people slack when they are not doing their jobs. Maybe we hate confrontation or whatever. Well sometimes the accommodator in us needs to step up and call that person out for not delivering what they are supposed to. Woody Allen's  character wouldn’t (not meaning to pick on Woody btw). But how about Clint or some tough negotiator, dare I say Donald Trump? 

Back to golf, channel that golfer, take on their demeanor, their stare, their body language, their shot routine and tackle any kind shot the way they would and see what happens.  


Play around and find who suits you. Is it loosie-goosie Freddie Couples or the calculating and tough as nails Jim Furyk? Point is when you’re playing golf interchange some of these great golfers of today or yesterday and see who feels right in those tough situations. You may have one for driving the ball and another for putting.

Golf is an amazing way to practice so many things including focus, soothing yourself and trying out alter egos.


I coach golfers to hit it better and have fewer distractions on the golf course. Alter ego is a fun trick that many athletes and performers are using to get a little bit more out of themselves in their sport or endeavor. I've got few little goodies up my sleeve to share that I've picked up over the years. Join me in one of my two-day golf schools in Napa to lift your game. My websites are or for my private lessons in Alameda,

Free Facebook Live Golf Clinics at 9:30 am Every Saturday

Live streaming broadcasts are great for golfers to pick up new tips from the comfort of their own home or where ever they are. It's free and it's a great way to interact with a company or someone like myself coaching.

This is a new phase of broadcasting and an exciting way to keep in contact with golfers like you and meeting new followers.  As people start getting more comfortable with this media they will be able to interact with their coach or whomever real time with their own issues or ideas.

Click the button below to see the latest recorded episodes on putting drills and keys from PGA pro John Grund, another is a chipping session where I discuss and show the various chipping techniques and then another episode on how to compress the ball better from the ground.

Increase your Swing Speed and Bomb It

Increase your Swing Speed and Bomb It

I know you'd like to hit further. The good news it's really not a secret. Hitting the driver straight and long is not a mystery and I'm happy to share everything you need to know to hit the best drives of your lifetime guaranteed. If you can apply these, great, go get it. If you'd like a coaching nudge...... join my Friday clinics, even better car pool with a buddy and we'll focus on "bombing" your driver and the long clubs.

Here are the Five Keys to Bombing It:

1. Club Path-The first thing to work on is improving your club's path.  Almost everybody that struggles with 

driver has a club path that is going too much to the left through impact. This is caused poor sequencing of the body pivot and/or the loss of lag angle.

With my doppler radar system we get a number on your path.

2. Hit Ball on Upswing-  To really bomb the driver you can want to hit up on the golf ball somewhere between three and six degrees. This is why we tee the ball high. The bottom of the swing with the driver is probably 6 to 12 inches right of the golf ball. Cool video showing this.

With the doppler we'll see exactly how much you're hitting up on the ball. I call this the angle of approach.

3. Squaring the Face-  The closer we get to squaring the face to the club's path the more power you'll have but you'll also hit it straighter. Train yourself to control the club's toe rotation to match up with the path. I find most player's leave the face open or right. Here's an easy tip I showed a friend at Bandon Dunes.

The Doppler system will show the exact relationship between the face's direction and the club's path at impact. This is great information because it will also help you assess your ball's flight so you can make the correct adjustments on any shot.

4. Middle of Face Contact-  The ultimate is to hit the ball in the sweet spot of the golf club. The challenging part is the sweet spot is about the size of a dime.  When you miss the sweet spot by as little as a quarter inch this creates what is called "gear effect"

 The Doppler does not pick up on gear effect but Dr. Scholl's's foot

Screenshot 2017-03-02 15.37.57.png

 powder does. Buy yourself a $5 dollar can of Dr. Scholl's foot spray and spray it on the face and you'll find out very quickly and accurately where your contact is.

5. Swing Speed-  Spoiler alert, even if you do the prior four steps perfectly and you're swinging at 52 mph you're not going to Bomb It. 

At some point if you really want to Bomb It, you have practice going 100% at it at least once in awhile. See how far you can hit it. At the same time, don't hurt yourself. The drill below is training step. I'd suggest doing it twice a week for five minutes.

Fridays this Month

3 Hr. Clinics for $199- March 3, 10, 17 and 24th in Napa 

11 am- 2:00 pm  

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Getting Hooked on Playing Golf

Getting Hooked on Playing Golf

How my youngest son gets hooked

This week one of my more challenging golf students had a breakthrough. He is my son, 16 years old, love him to death but golf was about as enticing to him as a stubbed toe. Something clicked the other day and dare I say he is now wanting to play more golf. 

Of course as a dad and PGA golfer I'm tickled pink since what he likes to do mostly, like most young men, is play video games! Maybe it's generational or just the new normal but sitting in front of a video game fumbling around with a joystick is interesting for about.... 22 least to me.

So nurturing this tiny glowing ember of interest with my son is a fragile operation not unlike trying to get the camp fire going with just one match on a windy afternoon with green wood. Ok, I'm being overly dramatic but do you feel me? 

Fast forward to the driving range. There's a light sprinkle, we're the only ones hitting. He's done my little warm-up drill of making good practice swings to brush the mat in the right place (left of where the ball would be) and now he's hitting but the balls are going to the right of the target. He doesn't know what to do so I suggest a little tweak and thankfully it works the balls shoot out straight at the target.  I see in his eyes a realization, "whoa my old man does know what he's talking about once in awhile". And there you go, hooked him like a big fish......I tried to be cool but inside I'm doing cartwheels because he's hitting "shots" and he is digging it.

So he's on a roll I decide to "double down" and I pull out his nemesis, the driver. And like magic, he's nailing that too. Of course I'm biting my tongue, since I'd like to see a little more hip turn for power but with 20 plus years of teaching, I know when to shut up since often times sometimes less is more. So he's having fun, even with the slight drizzle he continues banging out good shots and we finish off on a good note and jump in the car delighted.

So our next challenge is moving from the driving range to the golf course to golf. Playing golf is a whole different deal then hitting balls on the driving range as you all now. Playing tests us. Our egos get very involved and dealing with all the distractions as a newer golfer is usually overwhelming to say the least. Hence my quick little plug for playing lessons. Six or nine holes with a coach is invaluable to build confidence for all levels but especially the golfers teetering on the fence of becoming a golfer or not.

When I take golfers out on the golf course we start on the range. We’ll do a five-minute stretch to get loosened up but also to connect again to our body’s. Then we’ll make a few no ball swings to get dialed into the brushing the ground in the right place. Because the ball gets in the way of the swing instead the idea of hitting at the ball. Then after hitting a few short, medium and long distances we’ll line up a few shots by picking a spot down the target line and rehearsing the pre-shot routine. Now we’re ready as we’re going to be and we go tee it up.

Ideally we’re walking but that doesn’t also work out and some folks aren’t fit enough to walk so we’ll ride. In a playing lesson it’s less about golf swing and more about picking shots and trying to make them happen. I might suggest a shot or two along the way but I’m watching you play. I’ll also try to match my shots to yours. If you drive it 175 yards I’ll try to do the same. By watching a better player play you appreciate the consistency and tidiness inside of 100 yards. 

After our playing I’ll summarize our experience and suggest some tips on how to get better. Spoiler alert- Almost everyone can get better with their wedge shots around the green, that’s a given but I’ll find something in your game that you can take steps to improve whether it’s a miss pattern or a way to get more consistency through safer shot choices.

So I’ll be doing the same with my son Erik. I hope this fires you up for someone you’d like to see playing more or maybe it’s you.

All the best with your Golf! It’s a great game when you get over those humps!

What have you done to improve your experience on the golf course? Do you have a story to share about playing with your parents or kids?

If you've got a golf hump to get over, give me a call at 707-529-6458 or email



Three Ways to Make Golf Practice More Productive

If you really want to reach your goals you'll have to practice. There are no little pills that I know of that will help you get around this reality in anything you want to improve at.

It's easy for practice at golf may take a back seat to studies, work, family or what-have-you. Here's a few ways that I hope will make it easier to get out and practice at golf and ideally you work these out with a good golf coach.

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals






Create Standards or a Baseline that is Measurable

Come up with something measurable like how many four foot putts can you make in a row and practice until you can do it. The ultimate is to do a combine on a Trackman or Flightscope to establish your benchmarks for various distances.

What is your Prize?

Remember why you are practicing- Whether it is to beat your buddy in the big golf getaway or win the club championship keeping your eye on the prize is usually a pretty darn good incentive to find a way out to the range or course to play a few. Write it down somewhere and post your goal somewhere easy to see a few times a day. Bottom line, we all need motivation to get us out to practice.

Little Chucks of Time are Fine Too

Think smaller amounts of time. Low dosages more often is better than long sessions infrequently. At the very least keep a club handy to make swings hit into a net or just grab to work on your grip and take your stance. 

If you got 20 minutes that's about a small bucket or 30 balls. Even this amount of time can keep you on track to reach your goals for this season.

In Alameda we use the Flightscope and I would have you ten balls with say your pitching wedge and we would get an average of your distance and your average distance from a target we picked. Ideally we would do the combine for all of your clubs and that would take about an hour and a half (130 balls).

If you'd like to get an introduction lesson and start your coaching program to improve your golf. Call me, Kris Moe at 707-529-6458 also think about doing a two-day golf school at my golf school in Napa's Chardonnay Golf Club, more info here.

Get Ready for your Next Big Golf Trip

Loving Bandon Dunes

Loving Bandon Dunes


I’m be playing at Bandon Dunes in early September and I’m pumped up. My only concern is I haven’t been playing as much as I normally do so I’m going to have to coach myself to ramp up my golf conditioning and tuning and I thought you may be interested in learning what I do and apply that to your own pre-trip conditioning for your next “big golf trip”. Oh and here’s to watch out for during your buddy’s trip.

Even though I teach for a living I don’t play a lot of golf myself these days. I’d love to but I’m also a certified business broker and it takes up a lot of my time when I’m not doing golf schools or private lessons.

I’m fairly fit so I have a head start probably on a few of you but that’s OK I think you’ll still benefit from some of the fitness I practice. I’m not a member of any gym right now but I’ve found plenty of exercises that I’ll share that will keep you you can use at the gym or not. These days a lot of my own inspiration comes from Gymnastic Strength Training, check it out.


Careful if you jump right in and do to much you can to get hurt and knock yourself out for awhile. Take your time., give your body a chance to get stronger and more flexible incrementally. Here are some simple steps for beginning this process. And if you want to fast forward and “get hardcore” here’s a video from Long Drive Champ Ryan Winther and his workout.

Figure five miles for 18 holes

Figure five miles for 18 holes



Since we’ll be walking our five rounds at Bandon Dunes I’ve doing 60-90 minute walks on trails up in the China Camp State Park where I live in San Rafael.

If you’re not already walking a few days a week then get it going! Walking rocks. We are creatures that are meant to be active and not sitting on our behinds. Here’s a couple tricks to make it easier to get out and walk or do anything:

1. Get a walking buddy so you have someone to chat with and hold you responsible to show up.

2. Listen to a book, podcast or music you like

3. Treat yourself to a reward on the backend (eg some food you enjoy)

4. Here’s a few more idea

Get in touch with your joints

Get in touch with your joints



Like you I’m in a sitting position too often and our body’s hate that. One of the keys to keeping your body happy is to move your body in all kinds of directions. Joints in the hips and shoulders can articulate with a wide range but unless you’re going through the full range of motion you’ll be getting more and more limited and that’s unacceptable. 

Your mobility joints from the ground up are your ankles, hips, thorasic spine (upper spine) as the image shows. If you tight in one of your mobility joints the stability areas like the lumbar spine will have to compensate and that’s how we get in trouble.


t Kris Moe Golf School and even now with my private lessons I find a short warm up is crucial. So I warm up golfers from the ground up. We’ll roll out the ankles then do leg swings and squats for the hips and some rotational moves to wake up the thorasic spine. It’s a great way to get you in-tune with your body and ready for swinging a golf club. That five-ten minutes is well worth yout time!


Check out this site for some more ways to address your flexibilty, mobility and stablity

And the Titleist Performance Institute site is an amazing resource for exercises, training and education for all aspects of your golf game.


If you’ve got the time to get out and hit a few buckets of balls, great. If so, break your session into chunks that have a purpose like 10 minutes of ball position, alignment and focusing in on your grip. And then the next ten minutes the movement and balance of your body and then finally aiming at various targets and distances. 

If you don’t have time to get out for a few sessions on the range at least grab a golf club and swing in your backyard.

Other backyard exercises for timing and speed:

Horizontal swings– I like to swing the golf club at belt high (on a horizontal plane) to encourage the rotary action of the swing which I also find helps golfers feel the lag angle in the golf swing. In the video below I’m in a gym demonstrating the exercise.

True rotary action

True rotary action


Get on your knees– Want to feel your core at work? This will do it. Get on your knees and swing the club. You’ll quickly get a sense how much of your swing is anchored in your core!

Happy Gilmour swings– Start with your feet together then from the top of the swing step left (for right handed). This promotes the shift and then the rotation that is the timing of the body’s pivot.




All these exercises will help get you ready for that next big trip or just keep in you shape for life. So keep moving, keep pushing yourself and enjoy yourself more… is not a rehersal!

Kris Moe
Golf Coach                 

Wishing you the best! You can always contact me to set up a coaching session and it’s my pleasure to help you enjoy the game more with a improvement program that suits you and your schedule.



Why We Love Golf by Kris Moe



Hang Out with People you Care About

Whether it’s with your buddies that you want to win a dollar or two from or spending time with your sons or daughters it is quality time in a world where life is moving so fast that quality time seems to be from a bygone era. So as difficult as golf is if you can hit the ball in the general direction of the target forget how many over par you are and score some quality time with some people your care about.

Meet New Friends

And even if you don’t know the person you’ve been randomly paired with by the end of the round you almost always have a new friend, how cool is that? Somewhere in that 18 hole chunk of time you found some common ground with that stranger and that’s pretty special in our modern world where we are becoming more and more isolated in front of our devices.

Great Environments

Even when we’re not firing on all cylinders think about the places and conditions we get to see, feel and play on like a misty morning along the cliff holes at Pebble Beach? Or a dry hot afternoon through the desert in Palm Springs or Scottsdale? And if you’re walking, and I hope you are, you get a decent work out and there’s magic about hiking our earth in the open air. Let’s face it most of us spend too much time enclosed in our cars commuting or in a small space insulated from nature being busy doing something on our computers. Golf gets us outside and that is another reason we love golf.

That One Shot that Keeps you Coming Back

While a few balls might be going sideways along with your score every once in awhile we connect squaring the face and compressing the golf ball with that beautiful sound and feeling of everything being just right at impact. And then the bonus is that we get to watch our ball soaring like an arrow toward the intended target, oh yeah, bliss…. the anticipation while it’s in the air four, five or even six seconds we’re asking ourself “is it going in the hole?” Then it hits the green and rolls out toward the hole, another few seconds… “get in” someone in the group yells, “one time” another yells…….come on, even if you miss every shot the rest of the day that one instance of greatness has filled your tank for at least a few rounds. After the round the rehashing of your shot is shared and you get to bask in it’s memory again and sometimes for months (or maybe that’s just me).

So these are just a few of the reasons we love golf and when you put them all together it is worth the schlog of hitting ridiculously poor and frustrating shots because there is so much value packed into the other areas of the game and hopefully we all remember that.

Try to enjoy something in every round!

Can you share an awesome golf experience you've had? 

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