Private Coaching from Kris Moe

Sign up with Kris Moe and start improving your golf game with one of his coaching programs. Off-season rates are $150 an hour or or $600 for a series of five one hour lessons. Call or text 707-529-6458 to find out more or book your first lesson.

Golf Lessons on Grass in Alameda

Just a 30 minute drive from downtown is the best golf practice area in Northern California and that is Chuck Corica Golf Complex in Alameda. I do golf coaching there and they have a fabulous short game area, grass hitting place and a truly awesome par-three golf course and a new Foot Golf course. In my coaching you'll get one of three areas to improve your game.

If you can measure it you can manage it and improve it
— Peter Drucker

MEASURING YOUR GOLF GAME AT IMPACT with the latest technology

I’ve been coaching golf for over twenty years and I can say confidently that the average golfer and even most advanced golfers don’t have the faintest idea of what is really happening at impact.

That’s why I encourage you to join me with my Flightscope doppler radar system. I use doppler radar to measure a baseline for my students. Because "if you can measure it you can improve it". Doppler radar captures 26 data points of valuable information that will really help you with understanding what’s really happening at impact that causes your ball flight. You will understand very quickly how to properly assess your shots and how to make the right corrections for the rest of your golf life. More info

Ready to take the next step? Sign up for a lesson downtown or Alameda, think of it as an introduction or assessment and decide if you'd like to have a coaching program set up for your game